About Heart and Hoof
Equine Sports Massage Therapy is beneficial to the overall well being of a horse.
Heart and Hoof is dedicated to giving horses the relaxing and therapeutic massages
they deserve.

Our certified equine massage therapist, Lynne Felmly, is well educated in the skeletal
and muscular anatomy of the horse. A certified therapist, Lynne is trained to recognize
trouble areas that require extra attention.

Lynne's background with horses includes many years of ownership, care and training
of horses. Lynne currently owns three horses including two standardbreds that are
retired from racing. She re-trained them to become pleasant trail horses. Lynne has
also worked for a standardbred racehorse breeding farm. Her responsibilities
included routine care and maintenance of broodmares, foals and layups from the
racetrack. Lynne was also responsible for assisting the veterinarian with routine and
acute care as well as breeding of the mares. Being able to work with a number of
different horses has given her the experience to recognize the behaviors related to
many conditions and injuries.

If you would like Lynne to speak at your group's meeting about Equine Sports
Massage or Reiki,
contact us to reserve a date.
Heart and Hoof
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Phone: 330-603-6033
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