• Full Body or Maintenance Massage
Multiple massages for a single horse may also be
purchased in advance for a discount.
  • 4 Massage/Reiki Appointments
  • 8 Massage/Reiki Appointments
Heart and Hoof is located in Summit County, Ohio, and will travel to surrounding areas.

A massage is beneficial up to 12 hours before an event. It is also beneficial 3 to 5 hours
after an event.

Prior to arrival of the therapist, the horse must be clean and brushed. A quiet area, free
of distractions, must be provided. If the horse is unable to massaged, a $30 Farm Call
will be charged and the appointment will be rescheduled.

An equine massage or reiki session may take up to one hour. The owner or caregiver
must be present and willing to hold the horse for the
entire length of the session.

Payment is due when services are rendered,
Heart and Hoof does not bill. Acceptable
forms of payment include cash and check.

When you suspect your horse has a problem it is always best to discuss your horse's
health with your veterinarian.
Massage does not take the place of veterinarian care.
Heart and Hoof
does not diagnose injury or prescribe physical therapy for your horse.
We also have group rates for large barns or clubs.
Please inquire about Heart and Hoof's special
group rates.
Refer a friend and after their first paid massage,
receive $20 off your next massage!
Gift Certificates also available.  
Makes a great gift for any occasion!
Contact us for current Pricing information
  • Reiki Session
Reiki is an extremely pleasant holistic method of healing. Reiki balances
the body's energies and supports the body's natural ability to heal. Reiki can
be performed through bandages, casts or blankets.